With Grandma

With Grandma

Thursday, March 24, 2011

March Madness

It looks like it has definitely been way too long since I have written on the blog. Mainly it's because everyone is on facebook and it's easier to just put a blip on there. I guess not all of the family isn't on there though, right DAN? I do miss you popping in and sitting down for a conversation Dan. Heck I miss seeing all of you come in and out and at least getting to say Hi to you.
Grandma REALLY misses you all. Occasionally she'll hear from some of you, but it would do a would of good for her if she would get a phone call or note just to say hi from you, or if she mails a card to one of your kids, send her a thank you note, or remembers your birthday, send her a note. I know what your thinking, "Marie, I don't have time. I don't have a stamp. Grandma talks too long on the phone. I don't want to here about her health problems." But you know guys, she is always thinking of you! She always makes sure I take the mail to the post office if she hasn't gotten it out to the mailbox out front before the mailperson comes. She sits up in her room watching old movies on AMC or TCM. It means so much to her when she does hear from her grandkids or great grandkids. Right now her computer is down so she doesn't get emails so you have to send it regular mail or call. HER number is 480-320-9241. You can call my cell and I can let her talk on that. It is 435-760-6435. Our address is 80 Thomas Ct. Logan, UT 84321.
The first of the month we celebrated Alan's birthday. We went over to our friends, the Browns, where Spencer fixed Jalapeno Chicken. He made a mild batch without the Jalapeno's for grandma. Two days later Becca and I took off for AZ. Spent a week there. It was great to see the kids. We got back and celebrated my birthday at the Brown's again only this time some of our friends from AZ came up and surprised me. That was a lot of fun. On this coming sunday it will be Alan and my 29th Wedding Anniversary. My how time flies.
I am so excited to have spring come so I can plant my garden. I have loved the snow, don't get me wrong. I was sad to see it melt. Andy and Megan came up and it was disappointing that it was warm that week and it had melted, but I am ready to plant some veggies.
Anyone comes up this way, COME SEE US!!!!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy November!!!

I can't believe it's already here! It's actually already here and almost half over. By the end of this week it will be Mary's 22nd birthday. That's right, on Friday the 13th, which happened to be the actual day she was born on, she will be 22. Wow, how time flies.
Well, we are hear in Utah, we have some boxes unpacked, the computers set up (which is the most important thing), other than the tv. It's going to take a while to go through the rest of it and see what I really need out right now. I know I brought my pressure cookers which I can't live without and if I can't find them, it is NOT going to be pretty.
We were welcomed by a snow storm our first couple of days here, I am sure that the locals would laugh and say, "That ain't no snow storm, just wait, we'll show you a snow storm!" But it was cool. I loved waking up and seeing the snow on the ground and watching the flakes fall from the sky. Taylee wanted to go play in it and I told her she had to wait till Becca had a coat to take her out in it. (Becca still doesn't have a coat.) I noticed Old Navy has them 50% off this week though. I don't mind the "cold" it's the wind chill that I do NOT like. It can really cut right through you.
I did think I was making progress the other day though because we actually made it up to Idaho. I haven't ever been up that far! It was a sad excuse though. We have banked at Bank of America for years! We had to physically make a deposit on Friday. Do you think there is ONE BofA in all of UTAH! NO! I couldn't believe it! The only ATM's were the kinds that you can make withdraws out of, not deposits. So, Becca was watching Taylee, & Jaxx the whole weekend while her parents got some much needed time away, and Tylie, while her parents worked friday. We just packed up the van, carseats, kids and Grandma and took off for Pocatello, Idaho. Called Dale and said, "here we come." Grandma Cari was thrilled to see the Grandbabies, as I would be to see mine. We didn't spend much time there, but it was a nice visit and made back here before midnight. The kids were great little travelers, and so was Grandma.
Well family, this is quite an adventure. I miss my kids in AZ. I talk to you all the time, but it's not the same as seeing you. There are so many fun things I see up here that find myself wanting to point out, but then remember, oh yeah, you aren't here. I am enjoying getting to know the family up here. The cable company can't even begin to compare to Cox. They suck next to Cox!!! (Sorry Jeremy if they read this and turn off our cable now.) They are slower, plus on the tv channels if you want to tvo something for the next day you can't because all the programs say, "to be announced."
Sorry I rambled on and on. Till next time...... There is joy joy joy joy down in my heart for you!!! Ask Dale about that one.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Wagons Ho!!!!

It's here.  We've talked about it for years and now the anticipated moment has arrived.  The great  expedition to Utah is about to begin.  Scheduled for the 24th of October but the dated has moved up to the 20th.  Due to the company Alan worked for deciding to lay him off.  After 30 years of working in Arizona  this is the first time he has gotten laid off.  So, to get a quicker start on the job searching we have decided to get going sooner up to the cold country.  We will be leaving next tuesday, the 20th up to West Jordan.
Probably the hardest thing about this move is leaving four out of my five children behind and my two grandsons.  I have gotten quite attached to these two little boys.  I babysit Maverick three or four times a week so this will be extremely difficult.  Things must be this way though, at least for a while.  
Dale said don't even bother bringing my capri pants or summer clothes.  I don't know if I have that many (what you guys would consider) winter clothes.  I don't think Becca OWNS a coat.  
So when you see a few desert rats pull up into town, please don't step on us.  We're just trying to escape the heat. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Make Em Laugh


I hope this will work.  I am not exactly sure how to do  this.   My mother - in - law sent this to me and I opened it at the perfect time.  It was at a time when I really needed to laugh above everything else.  It's sad that people are this naive in this country.


Thursday, May 28, 2009


Max's 1st birthday

Max was not sure what this was all about.  He didn't understand why we wouldn't let him touch that pretty thing in the middle.

Right after "he" blew the candle out, he grabbed where the candle had been.  Notice I am holding a cup of water with ice.  We kept putting his fingers in it.

Once he got the hang of it, and realized we would LET him mess in it he figured it was fun.

Mary and Max - Max really likes grandma's homemade Nemo cake.

He got a stuffed Nemo and Squirt from Finding Nemo.  It's his favorite thing to watch!!

When he opened Squirt he found a new friend.

King of Grandma's toybox!!

Maverick was just happy with the paper bag.  He's a pretty laid back kid.

Max & Mav playing and sharing one of Max's birthday toys.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


NO I Didn't Hit Her

So yesterday Grandma had her surgery to have her "nose job" as she puts it.  Actually she had some cancer removed from the bridge of her nose.  This is proof to all of us Dunlaps that we really need to remember to use Sunblock!!!  Especially with the warmer weather coming on.  Grandma was not of those people that spent a lot of time in the sun.  Yes she did time in the garden, but it wasn't like Grandpa that spent all day long outside in the sun.  Especially remember to put them on your young fair skin babies.

This was Her this morning.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever.... in the freezer

We ordered Strawberries from a local singing group.  They arrived VERY ripe.  
They say when you get lemons make Lemonade.
So.... we got ripe fruit, so Mary, Sarah and I made Freezer Jam.  I have made regular Jam, but this was my first attempt to make Freezer Jam.  It is so easy and delicious.  I want to live somewhere where fresh fruit is more accessible so I can do this on a regular basis.  This was the best idea we had and it felt like such an accomplishment.